Date: Begins on Saturday May 9, 2020  10am - 12pm

Location: Webinar Series 

2020 Conference Theme:

Healing the Divide: A Participatory Focus on the Role of Conflict Resolution Practitioners, Partners, and Stakeholders in Divided Communities

Proposal Deadline:

May 31, 2020

About Conflict Resolution Minnesota: 

Conflict Resolution Minnesota is a non-profit organization of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals based primarily in Minnesota. Our members practice in all facets of ADR; including mediation, community mediation, education mediation, restorative justice, court-sponsored mediation, and arbitration. We are a chapter of the International Association for Conflict Resolution.


To advance the profession of conflict resolution to more effectively help individuals, organizations, and communities manage and resolve conflict.


  • Foster a multidisciplinary approach to conflict resolution.

  • Focus on Minnesota.

  • Collaborate with related associations and community based organizations throughout Minnesota and in nearby states.

  • Represent a broad cross-section of conflict resolution professionals, trained and experienced in a variety of conflict resolution practices

  • Through our members, serve the diverse conflict resolution needs of people, business, government and the larger community.

About Our Theme

Healing the Divide: A Participatory Focus on the Role of Conflict Resolution Practitioners, Partners, and Stakeholders in Divided Communities

At the 2019 Conference we began taking a fresh look at the field of Conflict Resolution in Minnesota. Listening Sessions with our community highlighted divisions between the community, the field of conflict resolution, and the work in addressing human rights issues that threaten peaceful relations. At the conference, we began exploring and redefining the relationship between conflict resolution and equity. The 2019 keynote speaker and practitioner panel shared insights from their unique and diverse perspectives. Workshops provided opportunities for participants to explore the theme as it relates to their context.

The 2020 CRM Annual Conference Webinar Series expands on this work with a collaborative and participatory approach. In addition to a diverse array of keynote speakers and workshops, we are invited to conversations in our sectors of the community to reflect on what we take away from the conference and imagine next steps. In a wrap-up reflection and action participatory webinar session we will learn from each other across our sectors and begin planning action steps forward to Heal the Divide.

About Our Objectives

  • Defining our divisions and actionable steps to healing the divide

  • Equitably engaging voices who are historically harmed

  • Exploring culturally humbling conversations in diverse communities

  • Confronting our Own Biases in our everyday work and life

Presenter Information

Each session gets a free webinar series registration

*Presenters will be notified of acceptance in early June

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