ANNOUNCING: CRM’s 2022  Conference will be virtual!

Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines, CRM will be hosting the 2022 ’Extending Grace: Accepting Accountability.  In addition to promoting physical health, physical distancing also adds to the divisions in our community and requires us to work harder to connect in other ways.  

CRM aspires to encourage being accountable for our own actions and giving grace to those who cannot seem to give grace.  We will promote and continue the conversations in this online Conference Webinar to include Family Mediation, Community Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Rule 114 and Conflict Resolution Mediation 101.

 Workshop Webinar and Online Keynote Addresses on May 13th.   

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Extending Grace: Accepting Accountability

Our Annual Conference 

Webinar will begin with Keynote Speakers at 8am

1 hour breakouts:

Start Time: 9:00 am
Break Time:  Noon – 1pm

End Time: 2:00 pm

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About Conflict Resolution Minnesota(CRM)

Conflict Resolution Minnesota is a statewide Agency of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals based primarily in Minnesota. Our members practice in all facets of ADR, including mediation, community mediation, education mediation, restorative justice, court-sponsored mediation, and arbitration. We are a chapter of the International Association for Conflict Resolution.  We connect those in conflict with providers and connect providers with high-quality professional development. 

Every Year Conflict Resolution Minnesota (CRM) hosts an Annual conference.  This annual event is attended by many people who work with conflict in MN including Conflict Resolution Practitioners, Lawyers, Social Workers, Educators, Stakeholders and Students, Businesses, Non-profits, and People from all walks of life.

The CRM Conference 2022 will be hosted as a Webinar 


Extending Grace: Accepting Accountability

With purchase of an annual membership of $60 before March 1, 2022 you can attend the annual conference at no extra cost.  After March 1, price will increase to $75 plus membership of $60 so save by registering today!

Conference Objectives:

CRM will be hosting the 2022 Conference as an online webinar.  In addition to promoting physical health, physical distancing also adds to the divisions in our community and requires us to work harder to connect in other ways.  

We will promote and continue conversations in this online event with tracks including Community Mediation, Family Mediation, Rule 114 and Conflict Resolution & Mediation 101.  All tracks will include Diversity & Inclusion focused conversations including civil rights.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act, Section 10b, is a call to aid individuals and communities in resolving disagreements or difficulties around practices that impair human rights and thereby threaten peaceful relations. 

“What should we be doing or not doing to respond to this call?”

At the 2019 Conference we began taking a fresh look at the field of Conflict Resolution in Minnesota. Listening Sessions with our community highlighted divisions between the community, the field of conflict resolution, and the work in addressing human rights issues that threaten peaceful relations. At the conference, we began exploring and redefining the relationship between conflict resolution and equity. The 2019 keynote speaker and community leaders panel shared insights from their unique and diverse perspectives. Workshops provided opportunities for participants to explore the theme as it relates to their context.

The 2020 CRM Healing the Divide Webinar Series expanded on this work with a collaborative and participatory approach. In addition to a diverse array of keynote speakers and workshops, we are invited to conversations in our sectors of the community to reflect on what we take away from the Healing the Divide Webinar Series and imagine next steps.Handouts:
We are providing some handouts electronically on our website. Feel free to print them or bring your electronic device to view them in the session.

Continuing Education Credits: We will be applying for  Standard CLE,  Ethics CLEs, and CEUs applied for to the Minnesota State Board of Social Work.

Pre-Conference Listening:

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2022 Conflict Resolution Minnesota Annual Conference Agenda

 May 13, 2022 Let’s Hear From Our Keynotes (8:00AM  – 9:00AM) (recording available for purchase)

Keynote Speakers for the 2022 CRM Conference Webinar  are subject matter experts in alternative dispute resolution within the community and with conflict.  Our Keynotes have experience in a diverse range of service areas including education and public schools, restorative justice and community mediation, legislative actions, non-profit and social services, culturally specific needs and more.

June 20, 2020, The CRM Annual Meeting & My Story My Truth Documentary and Discussion on Racism and Conflict (4:30PM)

My Story My Truth Documentary & Discussion (watch documentary online free at

What is the role of race and racism in conflict, in our work with conflict, in our own biases and responses?  In this documentary My Story My Truth we will hear true experiences of racism from African Americans in Minnesota.  In a facilitated conversation directly following the documentary led by the documentary’s producer Nyia Harris, we will unpack our reflections on the documentary and how race and racism is relevant to us and our field of working with conflict.

June 13, 2020, (10:00AM  – 12:00PM) (recording available for purchase)

Conflict Transformation & Restorative Justice with LGBTQ+ People

Sam Koltes & Conner Suddick with Envisioning Queer Justice Collaborative and Community Mediation & Restorative Services

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) community’s liberation movement has advanced significantly in recent years. Peacebuilders and restorative practitioners must be equipped to work with Queer people. In this session, we will build an understanding of the LGBTQ+ identities, learn about the historical harms endured by Queer people, and through circle, collectively discuss best practices. In order to build a more just and peaceful community, we must address the needs of LGBTQ+ people.

July 11, 2020, (10:00AM  – 12:00PM)

More than Mental Health: Culture, Expectations, and Pausing Judgement

Ayan Mohamed, Changing the Narrative & Pam Fergus

Changing the Narrative focuses on bringing culturally appropriate conversations regarding mental health, disability, and violence to the East African community. 

 This session focuses on addressing biases in the workplace and our daily lives that get in the way of an accurate understanding of difficult situations. 

Using examples, stories, and research, this workshop aims to empower attendees with new knowledge and skills to participate in situations where mental health, disability, or violence might complicate progress.

Aug. 8, 2020,  (10:00AM  – 12:00PM)

Mediation Ethics: Say what? Top Ten Surprises for Minnesota Mediators through a Human Rights Lens

Sharon Press, director of the Dispute Resolution
Institute at Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Co-President of
Community Mediation Minnesota

Leslie Sinner McEvoy, McEvoy Conflict Management and Legal Education Consulting

Valerie Jenson, Director – Office of Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity

Mediation ethics provide a framework to ensure “fairness” and confidentiality to participants. The Rule 114 Code of Ethics – in addition to the Minnesota Civil Mediation Act and professional conduct rules – provides guidance to Minnesota Mediators on how to accomplish this goal. Rule 114 has been in place since 1993 with very few changes. Yet, there are aspects of these rules that can be surprising – and if the proposed amendments to the rules are adopted, there will be more surprises. Section 10 of the 1968 Civil Rights Act is a call for conflict resolution to uphold Human Rights.  This webinar will explore the proposed changes to Rule 114 Mediator training in MN through a human rights lens.  Don’t get caught unawares. Learn what you need to know to ethically provide the safety and fairness that participants need as they move through mediation. 

Sept. 12, 2020 (10AM to 12PM)

 Healing the Political Divide: A Community Conversation 

Presenters:  Dr. raj (preferred spelling by presenter)

& Linsey McMurrin 

In this participatory community conversation we’ll explore what happens in our bodies when faced with uncomfortable political tensions and we will look at restorative approaches to work through it together as a community.  We’ll hear from Linsey McMurrin about the neuroscience behind stress and conflict and the ongoing cultural impact of historical political divides through an Indigenous lens. Then we’ll discuss how our communities are responding based on their collective and individual experiences and we’ll begin exploring restorative next steps to Healing the Political Divide.

Offered in partnership with the Minnesota State Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution who will be providing facilitators for the small group conversations.

Oct. 10, 2020,  (10:00AM  – 12:00PM)

Applied Nonviolence in an Unequal World

Anthony Streif

In this workshop, participants will be invited to apply an adapted Nonviolent Communication framework to power-over dynamics in their lives, from whichever side of the power imbalance they fall. Activities will be based in participants’ lived experiences, will and cultivate mindfulness, distress tolerance, needs-consciousness, and interpersonal effectiveness for people on either side of power difference. Participants can expect supportive coaching for challenging applications. 

Nov. 14, 2020,  (10:00AM – 12:00PM)

Overcoming Conflict with Collaboration

Michael Gregory, Author & President of Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC

Tabitha Montgomery, Executive Director of Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA) 

& Brenda Burnside, Dispute Resolution Center & President of CRM

Overcoming Conflict with Collaboration:

The theme of this conference series is Healing the Divide: A Participatory Focus on the Role of Conflict Resolution Practitioners, Partners, and Stakeholders in a Divided Community.  In this workshop, we will explore the relationship of collaboration to overcoming conflict in our divided society and with relevant issues and immediate needs in our communities. The Collaboration Effect based on neuroscience is all about connecting relationships, listening actively, and educating judiciously to build bridges to negotiate closure. As mediators, circle keepers, and all of our varieties of ways of being, how do we do this with participants for business versus as volunteers? What techniques do we use and what are best practices? A panel of presenters will explore how they overcome conflict with collaboration in their lives and work in Minnesota and the Twin Cities.  

Link to Michael Gregory’s Books

Dec. 12, 2020, 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Putting it into Practice: Healing the Divide Wrap Up 

A participatory webinar event 

In this final session of our 2020 webinar series, we will look back and harvest all the wisdom learned from our previous sessions. Let this Sankofa process help to move us forward.  Join us and share your learnings and listen to others to hear what they took away from attending the series. We will heal together and work towards a better future.   

Dr. Tamara Mattison

2020 Keynote Speakers Panel:

Keynote Speakers in the 2020 CRM Conference Webinar Series are subject matter experts in practicing a participatory approach with community and conflict.

1) Dr. Tamara Mattison
2) Fartun Ismail - CEO of SAWAC
3) Rep. Jay Xiong

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