The Mentorship Program intends to connect people interested in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution to the wisdom and experience that is rich within the membership of CRM.  This mentorship relationship is intended to be flexible to the needs of both the mentors and the mentees and has been designed to ensure good matching of these needs. The application is structured to allow for a variety of mentorship experiences, from one-time informational interviews to ongoing sessions between participants. Additionally, there are minimum qualifications for CRM mentors that best ensure the quality of the program and the intended experience for both mentees and mentors.  

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Mentorship Program Goals:

  1. Increase Minnesota College and University Students exposure to ADR professionals and high standards of practice.
  2. Provide opportunities for newly trained ADR providers to mentor with experienced CRM members/ADR professionals.
  3. Strengthen CRM’s professional development role and services to its members.
  4. Build statewide capacity of the field.

To be considered as a CRM mentor, all applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of three years experience as an ADR professional.
  • Be listed on the Professional Roster(s) for arbitrators (e.g., AAA, BBB) and/or on the MN State Supreme Court’s Minnesota Statewide ADR-Rule 114 Neutrals Roster, or document equivalent professional standing/qualifications and training.
  • Agree to comply with applicable model professional standards of conduct.
  • A current CRM member in good standing.

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