Conflict Resolution Minnesota 

Annual  Conference May 13th, 2022




John Choi – Ramsey County Attorney 
  “Re-Imagining Justice: The Healing Power of  Community Based Accountability”

Dr Reggie Edwards – City Manager Brooklyn Center

Andre Koen – RevoHealth “Allies, Advocates and Accomplices…Aligning to be Effective”

Dr raj – Metropolitan State University  “Transformation : Working at the Roots”

Louisa Hext – Consultants Hext – “Becoming the Hero of Your Forgiveness Story”

Kathy J Harowski & Amrita Prakaahana – Diversity Council, Rochester MN
“Becoming a Gracious Host”

Saida Omar – CRC St Cloud “School Mediation and conflict coaching”

Brenda Burnside – CEO of “Let’s Circle Up”Restorative Services LLC
Justice is NOT a noun, until it IS a verb.  Until then it’s just rhetoric.”


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