Wednesday, June 27, 4 PM – 5:30 PM

Oren Gateway Center, Augsburg University

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Don’t Let the Jerks Get You Down

Conflict doesn’t always bring out the best in people – or in their lawyers. In this session, Chad Snyder – a litigator, mediator, and member of the CRM Board – will address the professional and ethical rules and obligations that should guide lawyers and mediators as they work with parties to find a resolution to ongoing conflicts. He will discuss i) the ethics rules that call on lawyers to make meritorious claims, expedite litigation, and act with candor and fairness toward courts, parties and opposing lawyers, and ii) the practices and ethics rules that can guide mediators when they find themselves dealing with lawyers or parties whose behavior is … less than ideal. We’ll discuss how lawyers serve the judicial system, the profession, and their client’s best by following both the letter and the spirit of those rules. There will be time for group discussion, so bring your questions and experiences.

Chad Snyder is a partner at Rubric Legal, a Minneapolis law firm, where his practice focuses on commercial litigation. He is a member of the Conflict Resolution Minnesota Board, and will shortly begin his second term as the Board president.

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