Become a member of Conflict Resolution Minnesota today!  Join with others committed to advancing the profession of conflict resolution, and strengthening the ability of individuals, organizations, and communities to manage and resolve conflict.

As a member of CRM:

1. You are invited to market your services on our website directory.  New and renewing members will need to
take a few moments to create a new profile at

2. You receive Reduced fees for Conflict Resolution Minnesota conferences and other
events. Our 2022 Annual Conference was a great success and if you missed it, we are offering the recordings from it for a small fee to help CRM stay on budget.

3. You have opportunities to network with other practitioners

4.  You can participate in our Mentor Program as a mentor or mentee. We need more Mentors, so please apply on our website.

5. You receive highlights of important ADR news in MN. We also have a new Member
Spotlight on our new website to recognize the efforts of our members. Ask Lori for Details.

6. You can communicate with us by sending an email, we will reply within 24 hours, or if you’d like us to share something with the members, just email

7. You will be supporting needs based scholarships for students and others to
participate in our community.

8. You will be supporting public education and awareness efforts to develop the field of ADR in Minnesota

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