Friday May 13th 8am – 2pm
Extending Grace: Accepting Accountability
Andre Koen is the current president of Conflict Resolution MN (CRM). He and the rest of the board of directors of CRM are planning our annual conference. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary as a non-profit organization and are proud of all the accomplishments we have had throughout the years. This year we have 2 exceptional Keynote Speakers that we are excited to share with you!

8AM - 10AM

8AM: John Choi, Ramsey County attorney General

“Re-Imagining Justice: The Healing Power of Community-Based Accountability”

9AM: Dr Reggie Edwards, City manager of Brooklyn Center, MN

“Forged by Fire – Lessons Learned and Finding a Path Forward in Brooklyn Center”

Also Presenting this year are:

10AM: Kathy J Harowski & Amrita Prakaashana –Diversity Council, Rochester MN

“Becoming a Gracious Host”


Andre Koen – RevoHealth

“Allies, Advocates and Accomplices…Aligning to be Effective”

11AM – Jerome Treadwell

Executive Director of  MN Teen Activists 

“How Are The Children?”


Sandra Moberg-Walls & Linda Freeman of CMRS

“Facilitating Restorative Group Conferences – a space to make it right”

12PM: Dr raj – Metropolitan State University

“Transformation : Working at the Roots”


Louisa Hext – Consultants Hext

“Becoming the Hero of Your Forgiveness Story”

1PM: Saida Omar – CRC St Cloud MN

School Mediation and conflict coaching – “Compassionate Listening”


Brenda Burnside – CEO of “Let’s Circle Up”
Restorative Services LLC

Restorative Justice is Just a Verb:  
Justice is NOT a noun, until it IS a verb. Until then it’s just rhetoric.“

We are hopeful that you will attend our workshops for this conference on the 13th of May, 2022. Your work and the many struggles to hold the criminal justice system accountable and bring a sense of hope and safety for the community are essential lessons for all who are working to address and end conflicts.

The annual conference attracts legal, law enforcement, non-profit agencies to address conflicts, teachers, and other community professionals. We work to help transform the practices of entrenched systems and can bring hope to many who are working in the halls of the criminal justice system and the trenches in our communities. We want people to extend grace, restore humanity and hold systems and actors accountable so that we can heal, practice racial justice and transform and humanize our communities. Our work to engage communities, help undo the knee of injustice and promote engagement and equity will inspire the attendees to extend Grace.

We are hopeful that you will consider accepting our invitation to our annual conference.

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