Conflict Resolution Minnesota in a Nutshell

(A chapter of the national Association for Conflict Resolution)

Conflict Resolution Minnesota is a non-profit organization of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals based primarily in Minnesota. Our members practice in all facets of ADR, including mediation, community mediation, education mediation, restorative justice, court-sponsored mediation, and arbitration. We are a chapter of the International Association for Conflict Resolution.

Our mission:

To advance the profession of conflict resolution to more effectively help individuals, organizations, and communities manage and resolve conflict.

Our vision:

  • Foster a multidisciplinary approach to conflict resolution.
  • Focus on Minnesota.
  • Collaborate with related associations and community based organizations throughout Minnesota and in nearby states. 
  • Represent a broad cross-section of conflict resolution professionals, trained and experienced in a variety of conflict resolution practices
  • Through our members, serve the diverse conflict resolution needs of people, business, government and the larger community

We will support our members in improving their professionalism by:

  • Offering continuing education Opportunities an including an annual ADR conference.
  • Cosponsoring events that promote the field and practice of conflict resolution.
  • Through its Chapter Affiliation with the national Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), CRM updates members on professional standards, and current trends, issues and practices in ADR.

We will support our members in growing their businesses by:

  • Development and maintenance of a professional website with member login and CRM member promotional opportunities.
  • Referral and public speaking opportunities
  • Pursuing marketing initiatives.

Our Board Members